The Infidel Went To Church

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While visiting my in-laws last weekend my wife wanted to go to church, so I tagged along. I went only as an observer. I took notes. We went to Louisa United Methodist Church. The pastor, Brotha Lanny, started the service by introducing a guest speaker. The guest speaker was a Gideon. (In case anybody doesn’t know what a Gideon is…Gideon’s go around spreadin’ god’s word by passing out bibles. Here is their website.) Brotha Lanny said he didn’t understand why the Gideons couldn’t pass out bibles at public schools. I was offended by that statement. When the Gideon spoke later in the service he talked longer than the sermon. The sermon was about 2 or 3 minutes long. That was the shortest sermon I had ever heard. I guess he didn’t have much to say. When it came time for communion, I decided to not participate. I would have taken communion if they just passed it out, but you had to walk down the altar to get the blood and body. I was the only person in the church that did not take communion. I wish that I would have done it so that I could write about the experience. I think that the ritualistic cannibalism is one of the weird parts of christianity. I have been to a few Methodist church services in my life and I have to say they are kinda boring. Much like a Presbyterian service. I went to a catholic service once I thought that they were a cult. In the near future I plan to attend a Unitarian Universalist church. I think they sound interesting. One day I think it would also be fun to go to a Pentacostal church. I want to see and hear people "talking in tongues," playing with snakes, and stuff like that.

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