Movies For Infidels: The Man Who Sued God

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*************************This post contains spoilers.*************************

Steve Myers quit his job as a lawyer to become a fisherman. His boat was struck by lightning and completely destroyed. Of course he had insurance on his boat. When the insurance agent came to see the boat, he told that the incident was an “act of god” and the insurance company would not replace his boat. He traveled to the office of the insurance company and they told him the same thing. He then decided that he would have to sue god for the damages. What a freaking amazing idea. This is exactly what I would do. He officially became a lawyer again and took the churches to trial. Since god was too damn lazy to show up in court himself.

The story seemed to progress very well. It looked like the churches would have to admit there was no god and then the insurance company would have to pay. But then at the end as I suspected would happen, Myers dropped his case and said that he could not sue over events that led him to the woman he loves. He dropped the case and then the lights flickered, a window broke and a cockatoo flew threw the window. What a crock of shit. It appeared to be some kind of miracle. The judge ruled that insurance companies could not use the “act of god” bullshit. I guess he made his point, but he didn’t win anything because he dropped the case.

I do suggest this movie to believers and non-believers alike. It was an awesome movie and Bill Connolly is very funny. It really shows how stupid the “act of god” idea is. I have heard Ellen Johnson, the president of American Atheists, say that they will not have the annual American Atheist Convention in hotels that mention the act of god clause.


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Movies For Infidels: The Case For A Creator

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I did not know what to expect from this movie. This documentary is based on the book, The Case For A Creator. In the first few minutes of the movie I thought I was going to agree with Lee Strobel, the author. Strobel said that he had been an atheist for most of his life, at least since high school. When his agnostic wife started believing in god he went looking for scientific proof of god. And guess what, according to him he found the proof he was looking for after 20 years of research. As many of you can guess, he did not convince me.

This movie was done very well. I was very interested and intrigued. The interviews were really good and the special effects and music were amazing. He states that he was looking for truth. I think he had made his mind up before he even did the research. He seems to think that because scientists have not completely explained the origins of the universe that it must me created. Huh? Why the hell would you come to that conclusion? The funniest line in the movie was when Lee Strobel said, "By doing science we find god". I thought I was going to fall in the floor laughing.

To me, the message of this movie is – The beginning of the universe cannot be explained, so god did it. I do not know why theists think this way. The idea that what cannot be explained was done by god is simply a cop out. I recommend The God Who Wasn’t There instead of this movie, but you should probably watch this movie also.


Ashley Decker

Movies For Infidels: Icons of Evolution

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I had my mind made up about this movie before I watched it. I thought this movie would be critical of evolution from a christian point of view. I was wrong. This movie is critical of evolution from a scientific point of view. But, while watching the movie I was curious if the people in the film were motivated by their religious beliefs.

I think that evolution describes how living beings on this planet got to the state that they are in right now. If someone can come up with a better idea, I am "all ears." Creation myths do not provide any evidence and never will. I do not agree with all of the ideas that were in this movie, but it got me thinking. I love to think critically about things.

Three terms used in this movie got under my skin. Darwinism, Darwinist, and Evolutionist. These terms make evolution sound like a religious belief, and normally that is the intention of the person using the term. I think the use of these terms is a childish way of poking fun at something the people on the other side use.

Some of the people in this film suggest that you should not question the theory of evolution. I think we are not being scientific if we do not look for more evidence and question the development of this theory. Part of this film was about a high school biology teacher who questioned what was in the text book about evolution by bringing to the class articles about the current research in this field. I think the teachers in high schools should teach what is in the text book, but the text books should be kept up to date as often as possible. I think that a class room is a place to teach children to think and to be critical of what they are told. Now, that does not mean that they can put their opinion as an answer to a question on a test. If children are not able to state their opinion on what they are taught, then school would be too much like a church. Questioning god in church is not acceptable (for some reason), but science should be questioned in school.

I recommend this movie.

Ashley Decker

Movies For Infidels: Contact

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I had to see this movie again. Contact was a science fiction novel written by Carl Sagan. It’s about a radio astronomer, played by Jodie Foster, who hears a transmission from outer space. The message contains detailed directions about how to build a machine. It turns out the machine is some kind of vehicle or transporter, or so they think. One of the most profound parts of the story is that Ellie (Jodie Foster) is an atheist. She says that she is a scientist and therefore without emperical evidence she cannot believe in god. When the government is trying to choose a person to put in the machine, she is one of the candidates. The group decides that they cannot send a person who does not believe in god. They say that she would not represent the majority of Earth. In several scenes of the movie there is protesting against the scientists. Many of the protestors are religious. One of them seems a little too much of a believer. He’s just plain crazy. This fanatic blows up the machine that was built. But everything was okay, because another machine was built on an island somewhere in the Pacific and Ellie is asked to be the occupant. I love the way that Carl Sagan portrayed the main character. To make it even better the character was played by Jodie Foster, an atheist herself.

  • From an interview about Contact, Jodie Foster had this to say, "I absolutely believe what Ellie believes – that there is no direct evidence, so how could you ask me to believe in God when there’s absolutely no evidence that I can see? I do believe in the beauty and the awe-inspiring mystery of the science that’s out there that we haven’t discovered yet, that there are scientific explanations for phenomena that we call mystical because we don’t know any better."

I definately recommend this movie.

Ashley Decker

Movies For Infidels

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I have seen two really good movies recently and thought I should share. Of course these movies relate to this site. The best part is that both of them were based on true stories. I love movies about atheists.

The first movie is The People Vs. Larry Flynt. I have seen this movie a few times and I love it. If you haven’t seen this movie, you should watch it today. For those not aware. Larry Flynt is the man who started and still runs Hustler magazine. He revolutionized the porn industry. Throughout the movie you see him going to court over and over due to the content of the magazine. Another cool fact about Larry Flynt is that he is from eastern Kentucky. It was in Cincinnati that he had the Hustler strip club that started the magazine. Here are some quotes from the movie that I enjoyed:

Mantke Clerk: Do you swear to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, so help yo God? Larry Flynt: No. Judge Thomas Alva Mantke: No? Larry Flynt: Your honor, I’m an atheist. I can’t very well, uh, swear to a God I don’t believe exists. Judge Thomas Alva Mantke: Mr. Flynt, you are a handful. Larry Flynt: I know, your honor.


Larry Flynt: Why do *I* have to go to jail to protect *your* freedom?


Althea Leasure: The reign of Christian terror is over. We’re going back to our roots. We are porn again.



The second movie is Inherit the Wind. This movie is about the 1925 Scopes Monkey Trial. Bertram Cates, a teacher, was arrested in Hillsboro, TN for teaching evolution in a high school. Most of the movie is court room scenes. The defense attorney, Henry Drummond, is very good even though they will not let him use any evidence. The prosecuting attorney, Matthew Harrison Brady, is a christian minister/politician/lawyer. I watched this movie when I was in high school. I have always thought it was great. I enjoyed it even more the other day. The religion debates in this movie were great. Go rent this movie today.

Ashley Decker

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