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When I first set up this website a few years ago I thought I would get a lot of hate mail. So far I have received maybe 4 or 5 messages that were rude. The message I will post today is probably the rudest one I have received and as you will see it’s not that bad. I responded to the guy, but never received another response. For you viewing pleasure I will post his message and my response to him. I thought that my response was a much nicer message than his. The message was sent to me by using the contact form. You can get to the contact form at the bottom of the header on this page.

Here is the message:

Subject: What a site!
From: Klay (I have withheld his email address.)
Date: 09/22/2008 01:05 AM
To: ashley@american-infidel.com

Wow…ignorance is bliss! Your site is absolutely terrible by the way. Get someone who know what they are doing to help you out, because you sure don’t know whay your doing. You don’t know anything really, your religious views clearly reveal the fact. Your a virus, spreading poison and sickness, you will have to answer for your stupidy one day.

Wow wasn’t that a nice thing to say. So here is the message that I sent to him. You will notice that I sent my message on 09/26/2008 and he still hasn’t written back to me.

Subject: Re: Contact Form Results What a site!
From: Ashley (American Infidel)
Date: 09/26/2008 08:04 PM
To: Klay

What’s so terrible about my site? Do you have an issue with me expressing my opinion? I don’t understand why you think I don’t know what I’m doing. You never mentioned anything on my site that you didn’t like besides my “religious views.” Am I not entitled to my own opinion? To say I am a virus is just plain ridiculous. Even though you had nothing nice to say about my site, I still want to thank you for visiting it.

Ashley Decker


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