Another Graduation Hijacked By Christians

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My wife went to a graduation here in Kentucky last night. She told me that there were two prayers durring the ceremony. That’s right, I said two. As if that wasn’t enough, she told me that the freaking Gideons passed out bibles to the seniors as they walked off the stage. WTF?!? Some people have forgotten why this country was settled. When I took history classes I was taught that the settlers came here for religous freedom. It seems that sometimes this means that only the christians have the freedom. The graduation she went to was at public school. I think that the Gideons should have been arrested when the first bible was passed out. These people have to know that what they are doing is wrong. I don’t think that they are that stupid. The bible belt sucks. There are laws to prevent this but nobody seems to care. I hope that this school loses all state funding for this stunt. I read a good article about the graduation at Russell County High School. I would rather not promote the site I read it at, but it was a good article. The site is a baptist news site. You can read the article here. Believe it or not, but I think the article represents the atheist well. I will be glad when all of the prayer at graduation is over and done with. Shelby County High School hasn’t had their graduation yet, but a Muslim student has asked that there not be a prayer at their graduation. He wrote a letter to the ACLU and the principal said that there will be no praying.

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Ashley, the American Infidel


Update: The Lord’s Prayer Was Said at Russell County High School Graduation

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After a federal judge banned prayer at Russell County’s High School Graduation, the students prayed. While their principal was speaking at the beginning of the ceremony, about 200 seniors stood and recited The Lord’s Prayer. Then they received a standing ovation from the crowd. A female student also stated to the crowd that her god had guided her all her life. I saw this story on the local news last night on WLEX 18. They interview a couple of students and they were so proud of themselves. I think that those 200 students and the crowd that applauded them should be ashamed. They broke the law and they do not care. What about the students who don’t believe. We know that there is at least one student at that school who does not believe. It seems that some people did not understand where they were that night. Russell County High School is a public school, which is funded by the state. Did these people think they were at a private school or at church or something. I am sorry to have to report such sad news. I live in the bible belt, so what can I say. I must say again that the student who didn’t want a prayer at his graduation was a hero. I am sorry that things didn’t work out the way he wanted, the way things are supposed to be. For those who have forgotten, church and state are separate.

Ashley Decker

Update: Federal Judge Will Not Allow Prayer at Russell County High School Graduation

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I have good news! There will not be a prayer at Russell County High School during graduation. They are not releasing the name of the senior who does not want to hear a prayer, but I think he is a hero. He should be commended for the work he has done. You can read the article at

  • There is also a poll at the site. Go vote and show you support. In light of the decision by a judge to block prayer at a high school graduation, do you think organized prayer should be allowed at non-religious gatherings? Here are the results so far, as of 2:54 pm EST 5/19/2006. Yes 86% No 12% Not Sure 2%

Russell County High School Students Asks Judge to Stop Prayer At His Graduation

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A high school senior does not want to hear a prayer at his graduation, according to the article at I completely understand how he feels. The article does not mention his religious beliefs, but we know he is most likely not a christian. The student and the ACLU have filed suit against the school officals to stop the practice of violating the separation of church and state. Before going to the ACLU he first asked his principal to stop the prayer from happening. The princple did not plan to stop the prayer. I remember that at my high school graduation there was a prayer. The prayer was led by a student but not before or after the ceremony. If I remember correctly the prayer was in the middle of the ceremony. At that time I was not very passionate about the separation of church and state or vocal about it, but I remember thinking it was wrong. I hate it when I am at a nice gathering of people and things are going so great and then some asshole ruins it with prayer. A considerate person would ask if everyone was a christian first. About a week ago I was at such a gathering. I was at a gathering at Berea College, a private christian college, but I know that I wasn’t the only non believer present. Another time, a few months ago my wife and I were at Subway here in Berea. It was on a Sunday at lunch time. This group of people were lead by someone in prayer. This guy was loud enough for everyone in the restraurnt to hear him and disturb their conversations. I thought that group was completely rude. I was talking to my wife and intentionally talking loud enough for them to hear me. I said that they are so rude think everyone wants to hear that. I think they should have eaten at their church if that had to be a part of their meal. I’ll stop ranting now. If I hear any updates on this story you will read about it here at

Ashley Decker

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