Richmond Register Poll About Restaurants Selling Drinks on Sunday

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I was reading some news at The Richmond Register website this morning and I saw an interesting poll. The poll is on the left hand side of the page. I wonder if this has anything do to with the letter I sent the mayor of Richmond. So far, I haven’t heard anything from the mayor or the city about the issue. The question in the poll was: Should Richmond allow restaurants to serve drinks after 1 p.m. on Sunday? I was surprised by the results of the poll. Here are the results (so far): Yes: 55.4% No: 39.0% Don’t Care: 5.6% Total Votes: 1219 Please go to and vote. Maybe if there are enough votes the city will make the right decision!

Ashley Decker


Letter to Mayor of Richmond

January 13, 2006 at 1:48 pm | Posted in Blue Laws | 3 Comments

So I have either been busy or lazy, you decide. I have finally written a letter to the mayor of Richmond, KY about alcohol sales on Sunday. I will drop it in that big blue box tomorrow. It’s time for you to chime in and tell me what you think. After you read the letter please submit a comment. I hope you are enjoying 2006! Here’s the letter.

Mayor Lawson:

Currently in the city of Richmond it is illegal to sell alcohol on Sunday. I think that changing this law would help the city economically. This law causes some business to be closed on Sunday or not sell some of their merchandise. Two-thirds of the United States now permit alcoholic beverage sales on Sunday, which is now the second-busiest shopping day of the week. A law that prohibits commerce does not benefit the city, consumers, or businesses.

The basis for this law comes from "Blue Laws." Blue laws restrict certain activities on Sunday, to accommodate the Christian Sabbath. Not everyone that lives in Madison county is a Christian and this law violates the separation between church and state.

I spoke to the city manager about this issue. He told me that an ordinance must be past by the city for this law to change. I urge you to pass an ordinance and change this outdated and unreasonable law.

Thank you,

James A. Decker

Sunday Alcohol Sales in Richmond, KY

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I have been a little lazy about this issue. I had been planning to go to city hall in Richmond to find out why alcohol is not sold on Sunday. I know that the reason is because of those old “blue laws” and it’s the sabbath. I decided to email the city and see how they would respond. After three emails, I received a reply. The city manager called me saying that he had sent messages to me but they were coming back undeliverable. I was not home and he left a message on the answering machine. So, I called him. He said that there was nothing in writing, but this issue has been discussed in Richmond. He said that state law says that it is upto the city to decide if they want to selll alcohol on Sunday or sell it at all. I asked him what would need to be done for this to change. He said that the city must pass an ordinance. I then asked, what I needed to do. He said that I should write a letter to the mayor of Richmond telling her that I would like an ordinance passed to sell alcohol on Sunday. One way or another we must stop these christian laws. If they want to keep christians from buying alcohol on Sunday, that is just fine. I am not a christian, so Sunday is just another day of the week to me. I will write the letter in the next couple of days and send it to the mayor of Richmond. If anyone has ideas about what I should put in the letter, please leave a comment or send an email to:

Short Update on the Alcohol Issue

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I have not yet contacted the City of Richmond about their lack of Sunday alcohol sales. I emailed the City of Berea on their complete lack of alcohol sales asking them what would need to be done to legalize the sale of alcohol. They have not responded yet. I think I will have to send them another message. I also know someone on Berea’s city council. I think I will have to contact them also. On the same note. I went to Danville, KY to visit my brother on Sunday. We decided to go to Applebee’s. I ordered a beer to drink. I thought surely Applebee’s would sell beer on Sunday. The waitress told me that she could not server me beer on Sunday. I said, “Well that is ridiculous.” She looked at me like she was offended. To be honest I was offended too. I was offended because she wouldn’t bring me a freakin’ beer.

Christian Laws Prohibit Alcohol Sales On Sunday

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Originally Posted At on: August 27, 2005 Why don’t stores sell alcohol on Sunday? I think that is very obvious. Sunday, at least for Christians, is the Sabbath. Ok, let’s think about this. Christians don’t want to buy, and I guess drink, alcohol on the Sabbath. Now that we have that figured out, here’s the problem. What about people who are not Christian or don’t care about the Sabbath? Why should Christians control our laws? Some people say, “Why can’t you just buy beer on Saturday?” That is a good point and I do. My point is that I should not have to do that. According to a Kentucky ABC (Alcohol Beverage Control) officer it is legal to sell alcohol on Sunday in Kentucky. It is left up to the city to decide to sell it or not. Most cities in this area choose not sell alcohol on Sunday. What happened to the separation between church and state. This is obviously and completely wrong. It’s time to strike back. It’s time to take Christian ideas out of our laws. We are not all Christians in these great United States of America. Approximately 14% of Americans do not attend church or believe in god/gods. How does it affect a Christian if someone with different beliefs (or even the same beliefs as them) buys alcohol on Sunday? There will be an update on this rant in the near future.

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