What’s a Star Trek fan to do?

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If your the type of Star Trek fan that I am, then you have seen every episode of every series and the movies.  The movies and many of the episodes I have seen many times.  I have even read some of the books.  If you feel the need to get a Star Trek fix, there is Star Trek content out there on the internet you might not have heard of.  I stumbled upon some fan series a few years ago and continue to find more.  Some are great, others are not.  This is a list of my favorite ones.

Star Trek:  Phase II (aka Star Trek: New Voyages).  This series continues the five years mission of the original series.  The writing is excellent and the special effects are too.  The special effects are so much better than the original series.  This show is a must see.  There have been guest star appearances by Walter Koenig, George Takei, Denise Crosby, and others.  http://www.startreknewvoyages.com/

Star Trek:  Of Gods and Men is a great miniseries.  This miniseries features many actors you will know.  Just to name a few, Walter Koenig, Nichelle Nichols, Alan Ruck, Garrett Wang, Gary Graham, and Tim Russ (who also is the director).  Another must see for a Star Trek fan.  http://startrekofgodsandmen.com

Star Trek:  Outpost is audio theater.  I am currently listening to this show and I love it.  The writing is really good in this series also.  Don’t skip this one because it is audio only.  It’s about Deep Space 3 and the USS Chimera.  http://www.giantgnome.com/our-shows/audio-drama/star-trek-outpost/

Star Trek:  Hidden Frontier.  On this site you will find several different shows.  I have watched 3 of them.  Their original show, Hidden Frontier, has great writters, but really lacks in in their special effects.  Everything is green screen and it looks bad.  I watched the series, even though it had it’s short comings and I enjoyed it.  I really like two of it’s spin offs, Star Trek: The Helena Chronicles and Star Trek: Odyssey.  In these shows the special effects have improved greatly.  I guess you could watch the spin offs without watching the original, but you might not completely understand the story line.  I plan to watch their others shows in the near future.  http://www.hiddenfrontier.com/

There are other shows on the internets, but I just wanted to give you a sampling of my favorites.  Here is a wiki with some more, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Star_Trek_fan_productions


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