Religious Linux Distributions (Part 1): Ubuntu Christian Edition

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Those of you who know me, know that I am a huge supporter of Linux.  I think software should be free (the word free does not always mean price).  Currently the distribution of Linux I use is called Ubuntu.  Some people have created Linux distributions for specific religions, which to me sounds a little strange.  Some of these are based on Ubuntu.  Most of these distributions have a different wallpaper and a few other programs.  They just aren’t all that original as you will see and they miss the whole point of “Ubuntu”.   Ubuntu is for human beings, which means all of us, not just christians, buddhists, muslims, etc.


Ubuntu is an ethic or humanist philosophy focusing on people’s allegiances and relations with each other. The word has its origin in the Bantu languages of southern Africa. Ubuntu is seen as a classical African concept.  The Ubuntu operating system was named for this principle.

Ubuntu 9.10 Christian Edition

From their website:

Ubuntu Christian Edition is a free, open source operating system geared towards Christians. It is based on the popular Ubuntu Linux. Ubuntu is a complete Linux-based operating system, freely available with both community and professional support. The goal of Ubuntu Christian Edition is to bring the power and security of Ubuntu to Christians. The current Ubuntu Christian Edition release supports both 32 bit and 64 bit PCs. Ubuntu Christian Edition covers every standard desktop application from word processing and spreadsheet applications to web server software and programming tools.

Along with the standard Ubuntu applications, Ubuntu Christian Edition includes the best available Christian software. The latest release contains XiphosOpenSongE-Sword installer, and much more.

This was the first religious Linux distribution I found.  I thought it was funny.   I installed Ubuntu Christian Edition in VirtualBox and played around with it a little bit.  It is exactly like they described, it’s Ubuntu with a few religious applications.  If I were a christian I would just install Ubuntu and then install those applications.  One of the most appealing features about Ubuntu is their software repository.  Installing software in Linux is nothing like it is on Windows.  You simply open a program, search for the software you want and tell it to install it.  For those you you haven’t tried Linux, installing software is amazingly easy.  Here is a screenshot of the desktop:


Another feature of Ubuntu Christian Edition is DansGuardian.  This program can be installed on any Linux distribution.  It is a web content filtering proxy.  In other words it blocks porn, and porn seemed to be the only thing I couldn’t get to.  They could have blocked other sites if they wanted.  Here is what happened when I tried to go to one of my favorite porn sites,

I couldn't get to with Firefox.

I would have thought that they would have banned anything that met certain keywords which might have been on this site.  Here is from Ubuntu Christian Edition:

American Infidel on Ubuntu Christian Edition.

The only thing I can really say in closing about Ubuntu Christian Edition is “Why?”  It just seems unnecessary, but at least they are using Linux.

Stay tuned for more religious Linux Distribution coverage.



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