Movies For Infidels: The Man Who Sued God

April 29, 2008 at 1:27 am | Posted in Movies For Infidels | Leave a comment

*************************This post contains spoilers.*************************

Steve Myers quit his job as a lawyer to become a fisherman. His boat was struck by lightning and completely destroyed. Of course he had insurance on his boat. When the insurance agent came to see the boat, he told that the incident was an “act of god” and the insurance company would not replace his boat. He traveled to the office of the insurance company and they told him the same thing. He then decided that he would have to sue god for the damages. What a freaking amazing idea. This is exactly what I would do. He officially became a lawyer again and took the churches to trial. Since god was too damn lazy to show up in court himself.

The story seemed to progress very well. It looked like the churches would have to admit there was no god and then the insurance company would have to pay. But then at the end as I suspected would happen, Myers dropped his case and said that he could not sue over events that led him to the woman he loves. He dropped the case and then the lights flickered, a window broke and a cockatoo flew threw the window. What a crock of shit. It appeared to be some kind of miracle. The judge ruled that insurance companies could not use the “act of god” bullshit. I guess he made his point, but he didn’t win anything because he dropped the case.

I do suggest this movie to believers and non-believers alike. It was an awesome movie and Bill Connolly is very funny. It really shows how stupid the “act of god” idea is. I have heard Ellen Johnson, the president of American Atheists, say that they will not have the annual American Atheist Convention in hotels that mention the act of god clause.


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