The Infidel Moved to Ashland, Kentucky

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Two weeks ago my wife and I moved from Berea, Kentucky to Ashland, Kentucky. I had hoped that the people in the area would be a little bit more open minded to the beliefs of other people. In the last two weeks my experiences have convinced me that the people are the same or worse.

During our first night in Ashland we went to Wal-mart to buy some beer and a few other things. While the cashier rang up our stuff I asked him a question. I said, “Can you buy beer in Ashland on Sunday?” The looked a little frustrated and said, “I don’t know because I don’t drink.” I could not believe that the question offended him. We kinda laughed and went on our way.

The next weekend I went to buy beer in the same Wal-mart. The cashier seemed nice enough, until she noticed the beer I was purchasing. After she rang up the bottles of beer, she set them down very hard. The bottles did not break, but I am surprised that they did not. My opinion is that if you do not like selling alcohol you should work for a business that does not sell it, rather that taking it out on the customer. Those people do not know much about customer service.

At EDS, I sat in a bay with people that were atheists, one deist, and other tolerant people. So far my experience at Cingular, the new at&t, has been quite different. I try really hard not to sneeze in my training class. Just about everyone in the class has to loudly say “Bless you” or even worse, “Gawd bless you” when someone sneezes. Maybe it’s just a pet peeve of mine, but I do not like it when someone says that to me. Besides that, there are three very religious guys in the class. Some of the things I have heard them say are just plain offensive. I am not a militant atheist as I once was. That must be the reason I don’t post as often here as I used to.

Two days ago right before it was time for us to go home I over heard a conversation about theism and atheism. One of the religious guys was talking to a woman. She did not seem all that interested in what he was saying, but was listening anyways. He was saying that atheists do believe in god, but they are just scared of god. He also thinks that atheists believe in Scientology and The Big Bang Theory. I am not saying that I disagree with The Big Bang Theory, but I am definitely not a Scientologist. I love it when xians are so dumb. He seemed to go on and on with his dumb ideas. In the past I would have responded and told him exactly what I thought of what he was saying. I have decided I do not want to be that way anymore. I did not want to be an asshole like him. If I would have responded it would have been really bad. My heart started pounding really hard and I was out of breath. I got extremely mad about what he was saying, but I was able to calm down. That was a big step for me. I wish I would have stayed calm the whole time and said something to him such as, “Would it offend you if I said that Christians are stupid because of what they believe?” I am sure he would have said yes, but he seemed so arrogant. He is right and everybody else is wrong. Then as we were leaving one of the other religious guys in my training class said, “Everyone have a good weekend and god bless.” I was so glad it was time to go home. That guy also enjoyed pointing out to the class that he had a bumper sticker on the back of his car of the Darwin fish with a red slash through it. I came real close to standing up and saying that I have one on my car without the slash through it.

On a good note, my wife and I were sad to leave the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship in Richmond we had been attending since November, but today we visited the one in Huntington, WV. The people there seemed really nice and I think we both want to go back. We are really going to miss the people we met there in Richmond. I met some really cool atheists and other open minded people there, so I hope to meet some more in Huntington.

I will be sure to write about more experiences I have with the people at work if it is interesting.

Ashley Decker


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