I Went To The Creation Museum

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On Monday, May 28, I went to the grand opening of The Creation Museum. The place was packed full of people. There were so many people that they had two off-site parking lots, because the main one was full. The museum is in Petersburg, KY, but we had to park in Lawrenceburg, IN. Then we rode a bus to the museum. Once we got to the museum, then we stood in line for about 45 minutes to an hour.

Once inside the madness began. Did you know that man and all of the animals (including dinosaurs) were all created on the sixth day of creation? Me either. We saw pictures of two canyons, one was created in four hours and one in four years. It must have been quite a job the fit all of “creation” into 6000 years. There were some exhibits to try to scare christians. There was an exhibit against premarital sex. One exhibit said that teens were going to church less and less and that in about 50 years we would be tearing down churches because they would not be needed. I also saw a sign on the wall about other religions of the world. It basically said that the other religions were simply mythology and christianity was the only truth.

To me, the sad part about the craziness I saw is that most of the people that went through the museum actually believe the crap that was in there. Anybody with a thinking mind would know that you cannot fit all of the events of the planet into 6000 years and that Noah’s Ark is merely science fiction. I went inside of a replica of part of the ark.

Nothing worth noting really happened during my interactions with people inside the museum. Everyone I spoke to was very nice. We never spoke of beliefs or anything that would cause and argument or discussion. I wanted to go to the protest that occurred outside the museum lot, but it was mostly over by the time we got there. The protest was done by Rally For Reason. All of the people I would have liked to see were gone. My wife and I were ready to take the bus back to our car. While walking onto the bus a man asked me what my shirt said. My shirt said “Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups.” I thought this a perfect shirt to wear on that day. The guy said that we needed to get on a loud speaker and say what was on my shirt to the protesters. He said this to the wrong person. I said that they had every right to be there, it is called freedom of speech. He was a little shocked that I did not agree with him. At that point my wife would not let me talk to him anymore. The guy was an idiot.

Do I recommend that you go to The Creation Museum? Only if you want a good laugh, because it is completely ridiculous, but put together really nice. It took a few years to build and 27 million dollars of donations. Evolution is right, creation is crazy!

This is Adam and Eve and they are NEKKID!

It’s a dinosaur! Thou Shalt Not Touch! Please.

Another dinosaur.

This Space Is Still Evolving. Did they just use the “E” word?

Ashley Decker


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