Movies For Infidels: The Case For A Creator

May 3, 2007 at 6:47 pm | Posted in Movies For Infidels | Leave a comment

I did not know what to expect from this movie. This documentary is based on the book, The Case For A Creator. In the first few minutes of the movie I thought I was going to agree with Lee Strobel, the author. Strobel said that he had been an atheist for most of his life, at least since high school. When his agnostic wife started believing in god he went looking for scientific proof of god. And guess what, according to him he found the proof he was looking for after 20 years of research. As many of you can guess, he did not convince me.

This movie was done very well. I was very interested and intrigued. The interviews were really good and the special effects and music were amazing. He states that he was looking for truth. I think he had made his mind up before he even did the research. He seems to think that because scientists have not completely explained the origins of the universe that it must me created. Huh? Why the hell would you come to that conclusion? The funniest line in the movie was when Lee Strobel said, "By doing science we find god". I thought I was going to fall in the floor laughing.

To me, the message of this movie is – The beginning of the universe cannot be explained, so god did it. I do not know why theists think this way. The idea that what cannot be explained was done by god is simply a cop out. I recommend The God Who Wasn’t There instead of this movie, but you should probably watch this movie also.


Ashley Decker


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