Movies For Infidels: Icons of Evolution

March 11, 2007 at 8:41 pm | Posted in Movies For Infidels | Leave a comment

I had my mind made up about this movie before I watched it. I thought this movie would be critical of evolution from a christian point of view. I was wrong. This movie is critical of evolution from a scientific point of view. But, while watching the movie I was curious if the people in the film were motivated by their religious beliefs.

I think that evolution describes how living beings on this planet got to the state that they are in right now. If someone can come up with a better idea, I am "all ears." Creation myths do not provide any evidence and never will. I do not agree with all of the ideas that were in this movie, but it got me thinking. I love to think critically about things.

Three terms used in this movie got under my skin. Darwinism, Darwinist, and Evolutionist. These terms make evolution sound like a religious belief, and normally that is the intention of the person using the term. I think the use of these terms is a childish way of poking fun at something the people on the other side use.

Some of the people in this film suggest that you should not question the theory of evolution. I think we are not being scientific if we do not look for more evidence and question the development of this theory. Part of this film was about a high school biology teacher who questioned what was in the text book about evolution by bringing to the class articles about the current research in this field. I think the teachers in high schools should teach what is in the text book, but the text books should be kept up to date as often as possible. I think that a class room is a place to teach children to think and to be critical of what they are told. Now, that does not mean that they can put their opinion as an answer to a question on a test. If children are not able to state their opinion on what they are taught, then school would be too much like a church. Questioning god in church is not acceptable (for some reason), but science should be questioned in school.

I recommend this movie.

Ashley Decker


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