Email Message I Sent To Lonnie Napier

February 19, 2006 at 2:16 am | Posted in Crazy Christian Politicians | 1 Comment

I finally got around to sending an email message my representitive who thinks that all Kentuckians believe in god. I think it is short and to the point. I think that he needs to know that atheists and other non-christians do live in Kentucky. Below you will find the message I sent to him. Also, my sister in law has found this bill interesting and has commented on her blog about it. She is a christian, but feels the same as I do about the bill. Check out her blog at:

  • Mr. Napier, I read about House Bill 277 in Danville’s Advocate Messenger. You were quoted in the paper saying, "Let’s vote and let the nation know we trust in God." This statement is incorrect. You are saying that everyone in the state of Kentucky believes in god. This is simply not true. I grew up in Lancaster and now live in Berea. You have been representing me in the House of Representitives for most of or all of my life. I do not think that you are representing me when you approve of a bill of this nature. I am an atheist and I think that the separation between church and state is the only way. I do not appreciate you pressing your religious beliefs on others. I think that you and the other 90 people who support this bill should resign today. Are you trying to turn this state or country into a theocracy? Have you ever heard of freedom of religion? This also means that I have freedom from religion. You are making a mockery of the state of Kentucky and I do not appreciate it. When it comes to election time again, remember that there are atheists and other non-christians in this state and we vote!

    Ashley Decker


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  1. Comment at Blogger post by Katie Decker:

    WONDERFUL!!! Short, to the point, yet there is enough tension to make him realize how serious you are and hopefully how serious the rest of the open-minded voters in KY are as well. I can’t wait to hear his response, cause we all know you’ll get one. Probably with a prayer for your soul attached at the end. 🙂
    Thank you for referencing my blog. I appreciate the support.

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