My Wife’s Letter to the Editor About “Happy Holidays” and “Merry Christmas”

December 21, 2005 at 2:06 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 1 Comment

My wife is a christian. Maybe I should say a very open minded christian. She wrote a letter to the editor about the Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas contraversy. This letter was printed in The Big Sandy News. The Big Sandy News covers Lawrence, Johnson, Martin, Floyd and Macgoffin counties in eastern Kentucky. This is not what you would expect from a christian. Here is her letter:

I start my letter with Happy Holidays, hoping that all the Christians who read this understand that the "holidays" I am speaking of include Christmas, as well as Kwanzaa, Chanukah and Winter Solstice. Christmas is not the only holiday in the month of December. Being a Christian, I feel that I am tolerant of others beliefs when I say "Happy Holidays." Many people feel this is taking the "Christ" out of Christmas, but during this time of year, not everyone celebrates Christmas. The fact is, the Christmas traditions that we celebrate today were celebrated long before Christ was ever born. People began celebrating Winter Solstice around 4000 years ago, celebrating "the rebirth of the sun" as it is the shortest day of the year and the days get longer from then until Summer Solstice. Winter Solstice is the root of the traditional decorated tree, feasting and gift giving. Thinking about those 96 percent of Americans who do celebrate Christmas, who are mostly Christian, why would you "want" to offend the 4 percent minority? I do not want to offend anyone, and if I feel the need to talk to a complete stranger, and I do not know their beliefs, I will absolutely say Happy Holidays. If I know the person, or I am told Merry Christmas first, I will respond with Merry Christmas, but I am not out to offend anyone. Why get offended over a phrase that is meant to avoid offending anyone? Yes, this is America and you do have "Freedom of Speech" but that same amendment to the Constitution gives everyone else the freedom to not be a part of your religion! If anything is taking "Christ" out of Christmas, it is the commercialization and greed that I see in society during the holiday season. Wish lists are so easy for people to make, yet most of what they wish for is material objects. Why not get back to the real roots of Christmas and celebrate the birth of Christ, our savior, instead of how many new toys we receive?

Valarie Decker


Big Sandy News Online


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  1. Comment posted on Blogger by Katie Decker:

    I think you and Valarie have made wonderful points toward this pressing issue. I am glad you both took the time to articulately express your opinions. 🙂

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