2nd Letter to the Editor

November 7, 2005 at 2:51 pm | Posted in Letters to the Editor | Leave a comment

An article caught my eye in the opinion section of the local paper this week. It was called “Is God mad at us?” I had to respond to this one. The author’s title, which appears under her name, is publisher. She is very opinionated at times and occasionally writes about religious issues. This article has to be the craziest one she has written yet. I wish that The Berea Citizen was on the internet so I could put a link here to the story. It’s too long for me to add it here, so I will summarize it. Then I will put in my response, which I dropped off today at the newspaper’s office. I will let you know if they print it or not. She says that she heard a discussion on a news talk program with the topic “is god mad at us?” The topic was addressed because of the number of hurricanes and other natural disasters recently. She blames the hurricanes and other natural disasters on the abortion issue. Now I don’t go to church, but is this the kind of crap that they teach in those places? Here are two quotes from the article: “The crux of the matter is the difference in opinion on the abortion issue. To me it’s as simple as whether or not we as a society plan to keep killing babies. You can put pretty names on it. Call it a woman’s right to choose and all that, but it’s still baby killing.” “Is God mad? I don’t know but He must surely be saddened at the slaughter of over 40 million innocent babies in the past thirty years.” Here is my response to her article:

This is in response to “Is God mad at us?” from Nov. 3. Dear Editor, Is God mad at us? This is an interesting question. I think that there was another question that the publisher should have asked in the November 3rd issue: Is god really out there? The article said that this question was prompted by “the record number of hurricanes and other natural disasters.” Would god cause all of these bad things to happen to the people he created? Does this mean that all the people killed in these disasters were not loyal to god? I would say that there were plenty of good religious people killed in those disasters. I think it is really strange that some people seem to think that every time something bad happens that “it’s part of god’s divine plan.” Well, I don’t like his plan. Blaming these disasters on the abortion issue is absolutely ridiculous. I guess that everyone killed in a natural disaster had an abortion or they are an abortion doctor. Maybe we should stop guessing what god thinks about everything and try to treat each other better.

J. Ashley Decker


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