Halloween Costume

October 30, 2005 at 3:05 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | Leave a comment

I did a lot of thinking about what I wanted to be for Halloween this year. I think that when you dress up for Halloween you should pretend to be something that you are not. So that’s what I did. I decided that I had to be a priest this year. So I searched the internet for a priest costume. Everything I found looked so funny or just perverted. I wanted to be the real thing. So stumbled upon this website, http://www.zieglers.com. They sell many different types of religious products and clergy apparel. They did not ask if I was a member of the clergy, they just sold me the shirt. So I was ready. I planned to wear black pants and black shoes. I was really going to look like a priest. I was going to pretend to be a catholic priest, which I am not, and a christian, which I am not. On Friday, October 28, we celebrated Halloween at work. We were told we could dress up and that children from the schools in the city would come through trick or treating. So I went to work dressed as a priest. The people who work in my area know that I am an atheist and only people that know me would understand why I had dressed this way. I did get some really strange looks from people who didn’t know me. One lady said, “It’s deceiving for you to be dressed that way.” I said, “So what?” She didn’t say anything else. On Saturday, October 29, I went to the skating rink I used to work at here in Berea for their Halloween Party. The owners, who are always there, are Methodists and I thought they might be offended, but I didn’t know for sure. They did not say anything about it. My wife dressed as a disco diva and me as the priest. When they had their costume contest I won 5th place. So I guess I wasn’t that offensive. (My wife got 4th place, but that’s not important.) They also had a Mummy Wrapping Contest. Each group had four people and three people wrapped one person in toilet paper and my group won the contest. The prize was devil horns that light up. This was a perfect addition to my costume. Does this make me a satanic priest? Nah, but it looked funny. The four of us with our devil horns on and me still in my priest costume went to McDonalds. I’m sure some people were confused by me. Who cares? I have to say that being dressed as a priest was fun. Now I just need to find more excuses to wear it. If I offended anybody wearing this costume. I’m sorry. You should have a more open mind. Check me out, the fictitious priest.


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