National Day of Prayer and Remembrance

September 16, 2005 at 3:45 pm | Posted in Crazy Christian Politicians | Leave a comment

What is he thinking? He being George W. Bush. This is clear endorsement of religion. Political figures are not supposed to to this. On my lunch break I was watching MSNBC. You would have thought it was FOX News Channel. They were showing live video from the National Cathedral. I guess they showed the whole service. I ate my lunch and left. I understand that aftermath of hurricane Katrina is horrible. I would not wish that on anyone. But this is not the way to handle it. Why would anyone pray to the god that caused this tragedy and ask him to help the survivors? If there was a god he would not care about the survivors after he caused the levee to break. President Bush does not know how to handle a situation like this so he just prays instead. He needs to stop praying, get off his ass, and be the president.


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