My Local Paper: The Berea Citizen

September 15, 2005 at 3:49 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | Leave a comment

Lately the local paper here, The Berea Citizen, is starting to irritate me a little bit. This is a paper that comes out once a week in a small town. Last week I was a little bothered by all the references to god and the like, but last week it was all due to Hurricane Katrina. Because of all the destruction that was caused by that hurricane, I chose to not write a letter to the editor. One other thing I should point out is that there is also an “Inspiration” section that is in the paper every week. This section takes up two full pages. I guess I should get to the reason why the local paper has upset me this week. This week there is a very long letter to the editor entitled “An open letter to the Church in Berea…” The editor’s guidelines are that letters must be 300 words or less, or with prior permission they can be over 300 words. This letter is probably about 1000 words. The writer of this letter believes that Jesus is coming soon “as Righteous King to rule and reign upon this earth.” Then she says, “Will he find faith in Berea?” If he comes to my house he won’t find faith from me. This crazy, brainwashed lady goes on and on about sin. She quotes verse after verse from the “Holey” Bible. I thought this line was funny too: “How can it be that, in our congregations, we have no trouble finding fornication, adultery, homosexuality and every other kind of practiced sin?” I like this because, she thinks that even christians are nothing but a bunch of fornicators. I also do not like the fact that she uses the phrase, “Church of Berea.” Berea is a city, not a church. Here is one more silly quote from this lady: “It is time for the Church of Berea to come solemnly before the Lord our God asking Him to cleanse us and restore us to our first love.” I assume she means that “our first love” is god or jeebus or something like that, but she does not say. That would definitely not be my first love. I am shocked that not only would they print this letter but give this lady permission to go over 300 words. I believe that this letter to the editor makes The Berea Citizen look bad and makes the city of Berea look even worse. Just so you know, I will write a reply to this confused woman.

Ashley Decker


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