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Originally Posted At AmericanInfidel.tk on: August 10, 2005 I have heard some theists say that the theory of evolution is a religion. We all know that there is nothing religious or supernatural about evolution. I think that they say this because they know that evolution is scientific and genesis’ creation is not. This is how that they think they can debunk evolution. The truth is that nobody knows exactly what happened. Saying god/gods created man is another way of say that you don’t know. Evolution at least attempts to suggest a reasonable answer to the question. I find it funny when I hear the term “Creation Science.” That is an oxymoron. The creation story is not science. It was written to explain something that could not be explained. People wanted an answer about where they came from and at the time it was good enough. Today, for some of us, this is merely a fairy tale. Here is the main problem I have with creation. They want to teach this crap in public school. If you think this is okay, maybe you are having some kind of mental malfunction. I do not have children yet, but if they try to teach this crap to my child I will cause all kinds of trouble. Here is a solution. Teach every religious story that tells how the earth and man were created. The outcome would be very different. The children would realize how ridiculous the religious stories are and evolution will be the most reasonable explanation. The other part of this problem is that this would be a violation of the separation of church and state. TO ALL THE PEOPLE THAT WANT CREATION TAUGHT IN SCIENCE CLASSES IN PUBLIC SCHOOL: Remember that we are talking about science class. Genesis’ account of creation is not science. My child will not be brainwashed in a public school. If I want them to be brainwashed I will send them to a church. Teach that crap in your church and leave the rest of us alone.


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  1. Comment posted on Blogger by Josh:

    I think maybe a better way to teach it would be to also include the various (and many) refuatations to Macro evolution that seem to get brushed aside. When you combine those, with all of your proposed “creation stories,” you will have exactly what you are looking for: confusion. I find it funny that many scientists today do not buy into evolution as much as we think they do – but say they do based more on fear of ridicule from some of their contemporaries. And as far as Creation Science being an oxymoron, I must take the liberty in assuming that you must have conducted an in depth study of Dr. Henry Morris and his theories, which oddly enough are scientifically based, and that you must also think evoution is relegated as obsolete too. After all, isn’t evolution a scientific way to explain creation? But I guess now that you’ve declared it an oxymoron, it must not be. So what does that make it? A belief unfounded with anything substantial, empirical, or concrete? Now where have I heard that before…religion? Nah, I must be crazy, like the fanatical woman from Berea, who by the way, has every bit of permission to express her beliefs in a newspaper as you do on a public blog such as this. Do I think you’re crazy? No, but I do think you are a close-minded existentialist that excels in complaining with opinion, and not fact. Try backing some of the things you say up with fact, and then maybe your posts will atttract more comments. And don’t let my name deceive you: I am much more of a liberal, free thinking “pastor” than you may think – I just believe that my existence, as well as the existence of my fellow humankind, is not pure happenstance that will eventually culminate in us all evolving into ferns…yea, ferns, the height of the evolutionary scale with 400 chromosomes. We paltry accidents only have 46…we’ve got some catching up to do! Have a great day!

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