Christian Laws Prohibit Alcohol Sales On Sunday

September 14, 2005 at 3:51 pm | Posted in Blue Laws | Leave a comment

Originally Posted At on: August 27, 2005 Why don’t stores sell alcohol on Sunday? I think that is very obvious. Sunday, at least for Christians, is the Sabbath. Ok, let’s think about this. Christians don’t want to buy, and I guess drink, alcohol on the Sabbath. Now that we have that figured out, here’s the problem. What about people who are not Christian or don’t care about the Sabbath? Why should Christians control our laws? Some people say, “Why can’t you just buy beer on Saturday?” That is a good point and I do. My point is that I should not have to do that. According to a Kentucky ABC (Alcohol Beverage Control) officer it is legal to sell alcohol on Sunday in Kentucky. It is left up to the city to decide to sell it or not. Most cities in this area choose not sell alcohol on Sunday. What happened to the separation between church and state. This is obviously and completely wrong. It’s time to strike back. It’s time to take Christian ideas out of our laws. We are not all Christians in these great United States of America. Approximately 14% of Americans do not attend church or believe in god/gods. How does it affect a Christian if someone with different beliefs (or even the same beliefs as them) buys alcohol on Sunday? There will be an update on this rant in the near future.


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